festival_parastatikon_texnon_2014The first Antifascist Performing Arts Festival was held 13-23/4/2014 at EMPROS Theater in Athens, from artists who wanted to join the vision and their art suggesting pluralism and diversity over fascism, that unfortunately, the last years appears enhanced in Greek society.

“Come to defend the wealth of a multicultural society. To make our neighborhoods, the cultural sites and our cities, bridges of friendship, solidarity and resistance away from division.”

With the desire to contribute with what we have to the project, we undertook the visual communication of the festival. We created the label, the poster and a series of flayers-programs, the informative website, the facebook page of the festival and other larger and smaller applications that arrised.

Αντιφασιστικό Φεστιβάλ Παραστατικών  Τεχνών
From the printed stuff we distinguish the informational flayers: on the one side they inform about the festival program, while on the other faces of important persons, from the areas of art and political activism who have taken antifascist and / or anti-racist action, are shown.

  • flyer antifa festival

The faces of Bertold Brecht, Rosa Luxemburg, Rosa Parks, Victor Jara, Electra Apostolou and other persons who through art or direct action stood out with their anti-racist action, made masks that invite the reader to cut, wear and make even more colorful the participation of the Festival at the “Global Action Day against fascism and racism” which was the peak of the events.

Αντιφασιστικό Φεστιβάλ Παραστατικών Τεχνών

The masks are designed to animate those who wear them and rudimentary form a pictorial genealogy of people who became symbols of social struggles.

Besides the theatrical performances, music and workshops, the festival included a series of presentations and discussions. In one of them we were pleased to see Dimitris Arvanitis present some of the pictures on social struggles and to speak about the social design. It was our honor the article that he devoted to our work for the festival. Read the article here.
Αντιφασιστικό Φεστιβάλ Παραστατικών Τεχνών
From the panel Society turning facist. The role of the media with the rapporteurs: Efi Giannopoulou (translator-journalist), Aris Hatzistefanou (journalist), Giannis Androulidakis (journalist), Dimitris Arvanitis (graphic designer)


See more samples of visual communication we have created here and here.